Picardi B.V. develops transformers and power supplies to customer specifications

Our transformers and power supplies are used for delivering high voltages in combination with medium and low currents and short-circuit proof, stabilized, adjustable, controlable behaviour.


Thanks to years of experience, we are specialists in making reliable high-voltage products.

Both as single pieces as well as series production.

Power Supplies

Whether it concerns water purification, air purification or other applications: the power supplies developed and produced by us are used in many projects.


In many cases, the service department can repair or reproduce your unique but  defective transformers (even from manufacturers that no longer exist).


From transformers for universities to ignition coils for aircraft engines, our products are used in places where quality and reliability are mandatory.


photo of one of our high voltage power supply products photo of one of our high voltage transformer products photo of one of our high voltage transformer products photo of one of our high voltage transformer products photo of one of our high voltage transformer products

Picardi B.V. is a high voltage technology specialist.

We are your partner when you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of high voltage transformers and electronic high voltage power supplies.

We supply to global players in the arenas of air purification, water purification, ignition & ionization.

photo of one of our high voltage transformer products

Our products are used everywhere where high voltage is important, e.g.

  • galvanic separation transformers
  • adjustable power supplies
    (current sources, voltage sources)
  • electronics potting
  • ignition coils, bobines & alternators
  • various scientific applications

It goes without saying that our power supplies are available on request with galvanically isolated communication for computer-assisted monitoring and control based on standard protocols, including Modbus.

photo of one of our high voltage transformer products

You will discover us everywhere!

Power supplies and transformers developed by Picardi are used for

  • high efficiency electrostatic air purification
  • sustainable technology against particulate matter
  • purification of drinking water
  • cleaning pool water
  • disinfection of fruit and vegetables to extend their shelf life
photo of one of our high voltage transformer products

Our products can be found in devices that remove or apply static charges, such as

  • packaging machines
  • copiers
  • microelectronics assemblage equipment

Power supplies for special lighting are also part of our product range, for applications such as

  • neon signs
  • neon advertising
photo of one of our high voltage transformer products

Picardi develops and manufactures power supplies for equipment that initiates electrochemical reactions, such as

  • ozone generators
  • bombarders

Our power supplies are at the heart of equipment that uses high voltage to separate liquids or gases, such as

  • electrostatic air filters
  • electrophoresis

About us

Picardi B.V. is originally a family business that was founded in 1975 by Mr. G. Wessels, with the aim of making high-quality high-voltage products with a long lifespan.

From the start, the company has been located in Vroomshoop, a small village at the canal near the edge of the Twente region.

Production was initially carried out from a small space behind the house at Vriezenveenseweg 31. The company grows steadily and in 1993 the move follows to business premises at Vriezenveenseweg 34a.

In the year 2000, the son takes over from the father: Hans Wessels starts an R&D branch with an exclusive focus on high-efficiency electronic high-voltage power supplies, again driven by the strategy of preserving our environment by using our natural resources wisely and efficiently.

Due to health reasons, he steps down as director as of April 1, 2018 and Johan Gerrits — who has worked at Picardi B.V. for 36 years — is appointed as the new CEO.

In 2020 Johan Gerrits takes over the company entirely; in anticipation of international environmental legislation, research activity is intensified and the knowledge acquired earlier is being reflected in new high-frequency product series which are used, among other things, for particulate matter and virus control.
Under this new leadership the original ideology (efficient and economical use of our natural resources) remains the primary focus. The strategy: “products without worries.” Because no waste and no pollution starts with fewer malfunctions, fewer failures, less maintenance and more continuity of existing products.

Picardi: 45th anniversary of our company: February 22, 1975 – February 22, 2020

Picardi B.V. has pursued a two-pillar strategy from the start with clear attention to environmentally oriented R&D: minimum waste, maximum quality. Joined at the hip with our regional “keep calm, carry on” élan.

Our continuous efforts have resulted in us having acquired a rich knowledge and long experience with various materials, designs and production methods.

Starting in 1975 with classic «50 Hertz», in 2022 we have grown into specialists, expert at developing high-frequency and (very) high efficiency electronic power supplies for various high voltage applications, which can be easily integrated into existing or new control systems.

“Preserving our environment by using our natural resources wisely and efficiently” includes social engagement and commitment. Indeed, we are not only proud of our products, but also proud of the remarkably low staff turnover in our company: old and young work side by side, together as a team. Which is why we are also a recognized training company.
We remain a growing family business: in 2022 the Picardi family consists of 12 core members of all ages.

Recognized Training Company (Dutch: 'Erkend Leerbedrijf') badge

Contact details

Picardi B.V.

Vriezenveenseweg 34a

7681DS Vroomshoop

The Netherlands (NL, Europe)

VAT № NL008805155B01

Chamber of Commerce № 05044651

Opening hours:
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